Disrupt the Old Investment Fund structure.

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Our Mission

Disrupt the Old and Exclusive Investment Fund structure. Decentralized Funds to empower participants and fund the next generation of blockchain and decentralized technologies and projects.

Decentralized Financing

ETHV Platform

ETHV Global DeFi Fund is a global decentralized and democratized investment fund platform.

  • Funding Blockchain-based projects at a range of stages and funding levels.
  • Projects at any level of development can receive funding based on their merits. 
  • Borderless – Apply for funding or Participate in the funding process from anywhere

Specialized funds for specific blockchain-based industries: 

  • DeFi
  • Entertainment
  • Food & Beverage
  • Protocols
  • Services
  • And more…


Anyone can participate, from anywhere

ETHV Participants govern the fund.

  • Vote on which projects to fund
  • Vote to set the investment terms
  • Decentralized and democratized investment fund platform

Investment Funds for Everyone


Members participate in the funding of projects in their areas of experience and expertise, no matter their current financial status or geographical location.

Anyone can participate in the funds that make up the ETHV Platform.



Anyone can participate in the fund


Participants govern the fund and the fund strategy


You Decide

Vote on which projects to fund


You Set the Terms

Vote to set the investment terms

For the Future


  • Participants establish the fund through staking
  • Blockchain-based projects apply for funding
  • General Partners create proposals for each qualified project
  • Participants review proposals and vote
  • Votes are weighted according to each participant’s stake. 1 ETHV = 1 vote
  • Approved projects become part of the ETHV Fund’s portfolio

Growth and sustainability


To incentivize active and ongoing participation in the fund, members are entitled to earn rewards each time they take certain actions that benefit the ecosystem.



Creating Proposals

And more…

Secured by the Blockchain 


DeFi Digital Contracts

Human and machine readable DeFi Contracts on ETHV network, digitally encoded and self-executing over the immutable blockchain.

Blockchain-based Voting

All votes are managed by a dedicated self-executing smart contract and stored on the blockchain for immutability and transparency.

Uniswap Exchange Protocol

Trade freely between ERC20 tokens with no intermediary currency and no need for buyers and sellers to create demand.

Governance & Participation Token

ETHV Governance

Representatives, those have a stake of at least 0.1% of circulating tokens, are entitled to make proposals.

Participants who acquire staked ETHV make decisions on the fund’s activity through voting powers.

Staked Participants vote on new projects proposed by the Foundation, and can make new proposals to be voted on by the community.

This includes such details as funding terms and optimal timeline to exit.


Decentralized Autonomous Organization


The ETHV Platform also allows for user-created decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO). A DAO is an organization whose procedures and standards are encoded as a self-governing internet protocol, controlled by the participants and shielded from outside influence

ETHV Token Allocation

Total Token: 18,000,000 ETHV

  • Ecosystem – 11,340,000 ETHV 63% 63%
  • Reserve Liquidity – 1,620,000 ETHV 9% 9%
  • Floating Treasury – 3,420,000 ETHV 19% 19%
  • Team & Advisory – 360,000 ETHV 2% 2%
  • Marketing – 540,000 ETHV 3% 3%
  • Partnerships – 720,000 ETHV 4% 4%


Albert Robbi

Albert Robbi

Cao Muyan

Cao Muyan

Chao Cai Li

Chao Cai Li

Diallo Reggie

Diallo Reggie

Executive Director
Klaus Benny

Klaus Benny

Advising Director
Liu Jiajun

Liu Jiajun

Wu Yajie

Wu Yajie

Xu Suchen

Xu Suchen

Yu Wenyuan

Yu Wenyuan



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